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COOKE CENTER FOR LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT COOKE Be a Part of It! Get Involved in the Cooke Community 2016-17 SCHOOL YEAR

Get Involved In The Cooke Community 2016 - 17


Be a Part of It!

There are many ways to contribute to the Cooke Schools. You make a difference in important ways, some of which include:

Serving as a volunteer

Supporting Cooke Fundraising efforts

Attending and supporting Cooke community events

Connecting us to family, friends, companies and foundations

The Cooke Community thrives because of the generous and consistent support of parents and friends who see the benefits that our school provides for their children and the community at large. Cooke families have been an integral part of Cooke’s growth since it was established, by families, in 1987.

Ways to #SupportCooke in 2016-17

Annual Family Picnic (September)

Annual Fund (September - June)

TD Bank Bring Change (October)

Grandparent and Special Friends Day (CCGS only) (October)

Founders Day Celebration (November) Street Fair (May)

Food For Thought Gala (May)

Weekly (ongoing) townhall meetings (at CCGS & CCA)

Volunteer Opportunities

Talent Show (December)

Book Fair (Fall and Spring)

Garden upkeep (year round)

Grandparent Luncheon

Many upcoming PSA Volunteer Opportunities - Stay tuned!

For the latest volunteer opportunitues or to register, visit volunteer.

Are you a social butterfly?

Join our social media community by searching CookeCenter on Share our stories and tag us in your Cooke photos. Invite your friends to like, follow and @CookeCenter, so they too can understand why #WeLoveCooke! #

Donate while you Shop!

Use Amazon Smile and shop for a cause!

From every eligible purchase you make, AmazonSmile will donate 0. 5% of your purchase price to Cooke Center. This can really add up if we all participate!

Want to know the best part? This donation comes at no cost to you. #SupportCooke while you shop.

Annual Family Picnic

GOAL Family Participation, School Spirit, Community Building

The Cooke Family picnic is a spirited affair that brings together new and returning families and gives them the opportunity to build school spirit and kick off the school year!

Ways you can help support the Annual Picnic

Existing Cooke parents can volunteer and welcome new Cooke families.

Be part of the Cooke community¡V Show up!

Donate to the Annual Fund

GOAL Raise Funds, Cooke Community Participation

The Annual Fund is Cooke’s largest fundraising effort. Tuition alone does not cover the cost to educate a Cooke student. Each year our challenge is to raise $500,000 to help enable Cooke to continue to provide the education and support needed for our students to grow, learn and become independent individuals.Every gift, no matter the amount, counts toward this goal.

Annual Fund Opportunities

The Annual Fund kicks off in October and runs through the school year. Annual appeals are mailed to all Cooke families in the fall. Every gift to the Cooke Center Annual Fund is fully tax deductible.

Ways you can support the Annual Fund

Click the "Make a Donation" button on our website or visit:

Make a check payable to: Cooke Center for Learning and Development
(by or before June 30, 2017)

Does your company have a matching gift program? This is a perfect way
to maximize your gift.

Tell your networks about Cooke! Share contact information of family,
friends, colleagues, corporations and foundations that you think
might be interested in learning about Cooke.

Partner with us. For more information, please contact

Bring Change Campaign

GOAL Raise funds for Cooke, Build School Spirit

When we all come together, we can have great results! The Bring Change Campaign is a school-wide effort where students and families contribute their spare coins to raise funds for Cooke. Last year, this campaign raised over $6K for Cooke and also generated a great deal of school spirit, culminating in 90% parent participation!

Ways you can support the Bring Change Campaign

Send in your spare change to help increase the funds raised by the
Cooke Community

Sign up for the TD Bank Affinity program. If you open an account or
are an existing TD Bank customer, you can designate your account(s)
using code A1923 and TD Bank will make an annual donation to Cooke
Center at no cost to you!

Spread the word! Encourage the people in your networks to
SupportCooke by donating their spare change to Cooke. Every bit helps.

Founders Day Celebration

GOAL Parent Participation, Founder Recognition, Relationship Building

Cooke’s Founders Day Dinner is a very special and important event. It is a chance for the community to come together to celebrate the vision and legacy of Cooke’s founding parents. At this event Cooke families can share their stories of challenges and triumphs as they worked tirelessly to secure the best education possible for their children— and how their lives have been impacted since they “found Cooke” for their children.

Ways you can support the Founders Dinner

Sponsor a teacher or parent to be able to attend the event

Volunteer to help with planning, set up, hosting or wrap-up of the

Make a donation to Cooke Center in honor of a Cooke Founding Family
or Alumni

Come and enjoy a delightful evening with Cooke families and friends!

Cooke Street Fair

GOAL Parent Participation, Fundraising, School Spirit

An end-of-year celebration that brings together the entire Cooke community. The Street Fair is a laid-back event where families can relax and enjoy a day filled with food and fun, games and activities—all of which brings the school year to a festive close!

Ways you can support the Cooke Street Fair

Volunteer to work a shift on the day of the event

Donate resources to support the event

Attend and have fun!

Food For Thought Spring Gala

GOAL Fundraiser

Food for Thought is Cooke Center’s biggest fundraising event of the year. This spring benefit is a chefs’ tasting event that features talented and noteworthy chefs from some of the most exquisite restaurants in New York City. The entire Cooke community (who are 21 and older) are invited to attend. It is a magical night.

Ways to support the Food For Thought Gala

Attend and enjoy!

If you are unable to attend, consider making a donation

See if your company would be willing to sponsor a table at the event
or purchase tickets

Invite family, friends, co-workers, those that you think could be
potential donors.


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New York, NY 10115

212. 280.4473

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